Raquel Sánchez Silva speaks about the Mario Biondo documentary: she assures that she did not participate and that she asked Netflix not to broadcast it

Raquel Sánchez Silva has spoken about the Netflix documentary that addresses the death of her husband, the television cameraman Mario Biondo. The presenter, through a statement from the Ontier office, communicates that she “has not participated or intervened” in the audiovisual work that premiered a month ago (3 chapters). Likewise, she assures that she “has not seen nor has the intention of seeing the aforementioned series.”

The text explains that Sánchez Silva’s refusal to intervene in the program caused a “conflict” with his representative, Guillermo Gómez Sancha, producer of the documentary, which led to his job break in November 2022.

On the other hand, Raquel Sánchez Silva, through her law firm, assures that she “expressly and repeatedly stated” to her then representative and also to Netflix “her frontal opposition to the production and broadcast of any series or program about the death of the Mr. Biondo, believing it appropriate to continue keeping the respectful silence that you have been maintaining since such a tragic event”.

Host of the latest Netflix reality show

It should be remembered that Raquel Sánchez Silva presented one of the latest reality shows that Netflix has released in Spain. Last June, two months before the Biondo documentary was posted, the platform launched Fake lovea program that tested the relationships of different couples.

Below, we reproduce the full statement from the law firm of Raquel Sánchez Silva:

On the occasion of the premiere on August 3 of the series Las últimas horas de Mario Biondo on the Netflix entertainment platform, and in view of the news published by some media attributing the direct or indirect participation and intervention of Doña. Raquel Sánchez Silva in the realization and production of it, the ONTIER Spain Law Firm, which defends the interests of Ms. Sánchez Silva, reports the following:

1) Ms. Sánchez Silva has not participated or intervened in any way, either directly or indirectly, in the planning, recording and production of the aforementioned series, nor has she provided any information or content for its preparation.

2) Thus, in view of the proposal made at the time by her representative Mr. Guillermo Gómez Sancha and the Netflix platform, Ms. Sánchez Silva not only rejected any form of participation and/or intervention in that series, but also expressly and repeatedly stated , both Mr. Gómez and the directors of Netflix, their frontal opposition to the production and broadcast of any series or program on the death of Mr. Biondo, believing it appropriate to continue keeping the respectful silence that since such a tragic event has been maintaining .

3) Precisely the conflict that due to the refusal of Ms. Sánchez Silva to participate in said series has been generated between her and her representative, Mr. Gómez Sancha, concluded with the rupture, documented last November 2022, of the professional relationship that they had been maintaining for many years.

4) Ms. Sánchez Silva, who has not seen or intends to see the aforementioned series, has entrusted this Office with its viewing and the eventual defense of her interests in relation to its content, if necessary.

Having clarified the above, we beg you to keep the respect it gives. Raquel Sánchez Silva deserves to avoid relating, much less attributing, the recording, production and broadcast of the much-cited series to Mrs. Sánchez Silva, given her absolute disassociation with it.