Joselu: “I have felt the Real Madrid shield since before arriving at Castilla”


Real Madrid forward Joselu Mato stated that he tries to “enjoy as much as possible” and that he has felt the Madrid team’s crest “since before arriving at Real Madrid Castilla”, in addition to confessing that “not even in his dreams” did he expect the white team to qualify for the final of the Champions League with his double.

“I try to enjoy it as much as possible, I have felt this shield since I arrived, and before I arrived at Castilla. In the end I think that moments like today I have never experienced, and that is why I try to ask the other veterans who have been here in the club,” Joselu declared this Monday at the white club’s ‘Media Day’ before the Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund.

The international confessed that “not even in his dreams” did he imagine a moment like the second leg of the semi-final against Bayern Munich, in which he scored two goals that qualified his team for the Champions League final. “It’s clear that it could have been a bit similar, but nothing like that one. I think it was a special night, the stadium vibrated a lot and all the Madrid fans felt that. In the end I think it was a surprising moment,” he explained.

The forward believes that “surely” that moment was the most exciting thing with the Real Madrid shirt in his entire history at the club. “I think it is a moment, not only for me personally, but for Real Madrid fans as well, to experience a Champions League final again. People, when we already had the League on track, the only thing that was required of you was to be able to play in the final and I am happy to be able to contribute that and give that joy to the fans,” he said.

Despite this, he regretted “not being able to enjoy what he had just done at that moment.” “The truth is that a little murky things came to mind about the last few years, especially the last two, the two relegations I had had. Unconsciously, I wanted to think and enjoy the moment, but things came to mind. the head that I didn’t want to have. In hindsight it is true that I enjoyed it much more. In the end the head gives you those bad tricks,” commented the Madrid player.

The Spaniard was “very proud” of “serving as an inspiration for many children” and many people who have tried to recognize him on the street. “No one has to give up, dreams can clearly always be fulfilled and I have had the opportunity to fulfill it this year,” he said happily.

“Two years ago I had not made my debut in the national team, I had not been able to enjoy those moments, and, two years later, or a year and a half later, I think I can already say it on my resume the day I retire,” highlighted the forward. of Real Madrid.

He is clear that “the importance” of reaching the final falls on the entire team. “I am happy for what I have been able to contribute and I think that each of us has contributed something throughout the Champions League. Happy to be in a final, to live the Champions mode in this way, and from today we will try to prepare well all week to be able to win on Saturday,” he warned.

Regarding the dangers of the German team, Joselu indicated that “when they put the low block they are very difficult teams to get ahold of.” “They have fast players on the counterattack, and a very fixed forward who stays behind them a lot. It is a very solid team, very well armed and we have to be very careful with them,” he stated.

Saturday’s game will be Toni Kroos’ last in the Real Madrid shirt, a footballer who has treated him “like a brother.” “He gave me a hug when I arrived here, he welcomed me,” said the forward, who was grateful for having been able to express himself more with him than other teammates, due to his knowledge of German, given his past at Eintracht Frankfurt, Hoffenheim and Hannover.

“As a player I think there is no need to analyze it, I think it is clear to me that he should have won two or three Ballon d’Ors. In his position there is no player like him, and in the end I think words are unnecessary,” he said.