Jordi González can be seen on Telecinco while D Corazón is dying with 5.7%: TVE “is studying” its future

The TVE program D Heart It has been in a critical situation for four months – the audiences are disastrous – which was evident again this Sunday, when the magazine scored a meager 5.7% share (450,000 viewers), a record that is three points below the average of the chain (9.1% in May) and its own audience target (8%).

D Heart, who recovered Jordi González this Sunday after several deliveries away from the screen, had nothing to do against Socialite. The Telecinco program, presented by María Verdoy, almost doubled its audience, with 9.5%. Both, by the way, competed against the MotoGP of La Sexta (17.1%). As a consequence of the bad data of D HeartTVE’s 3:00 p.m. Newscast sank to 9% sharethird option behind Informativos Telecinco (10.2%) and Antena 3 Noticias, leader with 17.4%.

The audience of D Heart It is bad, even when it supposedly seems good. On Saturday, the La 1 magazine achieved its record with a 7.9% share (461,000, practically the same as on Sunday). But this data has a ‘trap’, because the program took advantage of the drag of the broadcast of the Armed Forces Day parade, which stood out on La 1 with a 13.2% average share. And not even that way D Heart managed to reach the bar of 8%, which is the quota required by TVE since he decided to convert the pink chronicle program into a magazine show with two presenters -Anne Igartiburu and Jordi González- and several collaborators (Terelu Campos, Alba Carrillo…).

Released on January 20, TVE contracted 48 programs with a budget of more than 60,000 euros for each delivery. “For each chapter, external resources worth 12,429.99 euros and own resources worth 48,468.73 euros are contemplated,” as detailed a few months ago by the then interim president of RTVE, Elena Sánchez, in a parliamentary response. raised by the PP. It was later revealed that the network pays Jordi González 1,900 euros for each program, slightly more than what Anne Igartiburu receives for the same work.

After 38 broadcasts, D Heart It would have ten installments left, so it is estimated that it will end at the end of June, unless there is a renewal or TVE converts the program into something else. “The decision is being studied”responded the current interim president, Cascajosa Conception, on May 8 to a question from the PP about the future of this failed program. “The program Heart It is a TVE classic, but the audience data it is obtaining D Heartbelow what was expected, means that we are studying different options,” adds Cascajosa in another response from just a few days ago.

Jordi González reappears on Telecinco

In the midst of the crisis D Heart, Jordi González reappeared on Friday on Telecinco, which was his home for so many years. The presenter participated in a video dedicated to Jorge Javier Vázquez in which several professionals – all from Telecinco except him – gave their opinion about the presenter. “I would define him as someone insecure, restless, ingenious and a good person,” he said about his former network partner.

González was linked to Mediaset for years and was in charge of all types of programs (The Ferris Wheeldebates GH…). In 2022 he took a sabbatical, but then did not return. This is how he explained it to us a few months ago: “I made an agreement with Paolo Vasile, when he was the CEO of Mediaset and was in charge of everything, a sabbatical year, in 2022. He respected it, I did it and I got paid. When that year ended, I I no longer had a contract with Mediaset, but I had committed to talking to Paolo when I returned, he had already left and I was back on the market. My personal commitment was to Paolo, I wanted to give him priority because of that agreement. we had had”.