Concern for Curro Romero at 90 years old: the spectacular fall for which he is hospitalized and will undergo surgery this Wednesday

At 90 years old in December, Curro Romero has had to be hospitalized after breaking his hip. Although the fall occurred on Friday, It was not until Sunday when both he and his wife, Carmen Tello, were aware of the seriousness of the matter. and they made the decision that the best thing was to go to the hospital.

The bullfighter – who is at the Virgen Macarena Hospital, in Seville – will undergo surgery this Wednesday, May 29. According to Seville newspaper, suffered a spectacular fall while trying to get up without anyone’s help. He lost his balance. After receiving help and getting up, he did not feel so much pain, so he decided to continue as normal and not go to the hospital.

So much so that the fall did not prevent him from going to Las Ventas in Madrid this Saturday to enjoy his great passion. That same day, in addition, he was at the Bernabéu watching the league match between Real Madrid and Betis, as Telecinco reports. On Sunday, however, the pain grew and he had to go to the hospital, urged by his wife. He was admitted but they did not operate immediately because he needs anticoagulant medication due to his medical history.

Romero, who has suffered from Parkinson’s for years, also overcame laryngeal cancer in 2020 for which he received up to 38 sessions of radiotherapy. Ailments that have been affecting his health in recent years. In the same hospital where he is now, the Pharaoh of Camas has been admitted in some recent processes. On May 16, we saw him at the defense event for the International Bullfighting Day, held in the Andalusian parliament after the Government’s decision to suppress the National Bullfighting Award. On April 4, in addition, he excitedly received the XV Bullfighting Prize of ABC.

“Now he is enjoying life, he has been there for a while, but what is happening now is that it is difficult for him with mobility,” his 68-year-old wife said at the time. “He has Parkinson’s that is bothering him,” said Enrique Solís’ mother.