The president of the CSD highlights the “team spirit” that the ‘Hispanics’ once again showed to add a new medal


The president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), José Manuel Franco, congratulated the Spanish men’s handball team after the World Cup bronze achieved this Sunday with the victory over host Sweden, a new demonstration of quality and “team spirit” for enlarge the palmares

“Today an entire country feels proud of the Hispanics, for winning the bronze medal in this World Cup. An achievement more than deserved, for all the virtues that the team had been showing throughout the Championship,” said Franco present. at the Tele2 Arena in Stockholm, where he was able to enjoy the great Spanish comeback.

Jordi Ribera’s men went 22-18 at halftime but changed the script with a strong entry in the second half. “Without a doubt, I highlight the team spirit and the ability that the group has shown today to compete and to believe when everything looked bad. With a disadvantage at half-time, the team rallied in the second half from a 5:1 defense” , analyzed the president of the CSD.

“In addition, the penalty saved by Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas, who was being the best goalkeeper in the World Cup, was decisive. I also want to highlight the magnificent level of success that Rodrigo Corrales showed under the posts in the second half”, he added, highlighting the work of the two great goalkeepers of the selection.

“I congratulate the Royal Spanish Handball Federation for this success, which endorses the good work done in recent years. We are talking about six medals since 2018, if we take into account European, World and Olympic Games. From the hand of a handball scholar As Jordi Ribera is, the results consolidate Spain as one of the best powers in the world. An entire country enjoys and feels proud of them”, he concluded.