The president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), José Manuel Franco, participates in Mexico City in the Conference on Policies and Plans for the Protection of Children and Adolescents in Sports, organized by the Sports Commission of the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico and the Mexican Olympic Committee, with the collaboration of the CSD, and in which he will explain the progress of Spain in terms of the protection of minors in sport.

The conference, which will take place between this Tuesday and Wednesday, seeks to share the advances in policies, strategies and tools for the protection of minors in the sports field that have been implemented by Mexico, Spain, Chile and Uruguay, countries participating in the meeting, in addition to other international organizations with competence in the matter, such as UN Women or UNICEF.

Franco, who will offer his speech this Wednesday at 5:15 p.m. Spanish peninsular time, will emphasize during his speech “the prevention of violence against children as a State strategy”, highlighting the importance of working for sport “as a space safe” and reviewing the latest Government initiatives in this regard, such as the Organic Law for the Comprehensive Protection of Children and Adolescents against Violence and the new Sports Law, currently undergoing parliamentary proceedings.

“In the happiness of a boy and a girl, all their other rights are summed up. And that happiness can come, and does come, through sport. The protection of children is, without a doubt, the greatest and best investment we can do for the present and future of our society”, indicated the president of the CSD.

In addition to the intervention of the president, Belén Lara, head of International Projects and Cooperation, will intervene on behalf of the CSD; Bárbara Fuertes, deputy director of Women and Sports -who will break down the anti-abuse protocols in sports-; Diego Barrio, director of the Athlete and Minor Athlete Support Program (PROAD); Manuel Ramos, Project Manager of the Fundación Deporte Joven, -to present the I- PROTECT project; and Lucía Santiago, executive adviser to the president of the CSD.

The meeting is divided into a technical day, on Tuesday, and a political day, on Wednesday. Apart from the representatives of the CSD, Mario García de la Torre, general secretary of the Mexican Olympic Committee; María José Alcalá, deputy president of the Sports Commission and president of the Mexican Olympic Committee; Carlos Fiordelmondo, coordinator of the Sports and Education Area of ​​the National Secretary of Sports of Uruguay; Loreto Fuenzalida, advisor to the Chilean Ministry of Sports; David Ulises, academic from UNAM; Sergi Atienza, responsible for Regulatory Compliance at FC Barcelona; Elda Moreno, international consultant and former head of Human Rights of the Council of Europe; Lucía Losoviz, general director of the Rights of Children and Adolescents of the Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda; and Jorge Castro, president of Fair Play.

The conference will culminate with a social activity, in the Chamber of Deputies itself, which will be attended by fifty boys and girls from a sports school.