José Luis Martínez Almeida talks about his most romantic summer with his 26-year-old girlfriend: “Let love not be lacking”

José Luis Martínez AlmeidaMayor Madrid, has spent one of the most special summers of his life due to the love he feels for Teresa Urquijo, a young woman who is 22 years older than him. This Thursday, September 7, the PP politician attended an event held in the capital and there he spoke about his summer season… and answered questions about his heart.

“I’ve had time to rest and disconnect. I can’t complain. I’ve had time for my main hobbies, so I’m back with my batteries charged,” he said at the Wah culinary festival. Almeida also explained that he hopes that love never fails him: “I hope not. And even less so now.”

José Luis, 48, introduced his young 26-year-old girlfriend in June, at the Madrid Press Association bullfight held in the Plaza de Las Ventas. They had been dating for six months, although they did not make it public until then.

Teresa studied a double degree in Law and Business Administration at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas ICADE. Urquijo has restored her hope in her love, and she had lost it: “I have lost all the possibility of finding a partner,” she confessed in 2022 to Manuel Díaz El Cordobés on the program To the kitchen on Telemadrid.

Teresa is a Bourbon family. His father is Lucas Urquijo and his mother, Beatriz Moreno y de Borbón, granddaughter of Teresa de Borbón-Dos Sicilias y Borbón-Parma, cousin of Juan Carlos I. At the end of August, the Madrid mayor and his girlfriend attended the wedding together by Luisa Bergel and Cristian Flórez, which was also attended by Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva.