Daniel Sancho took this object of great sentimental value to Thailand and asked the police to take care of it: “It belonged to my grandfather”

This Friday new images of the reconstruction of the crime of Edwin Arrieta. In his statement before the authorities, daniel sancho He seemed calm while explaining how he allegedly killed and dismembered the Colombian surgeon. He just collapsed in front of the refrigerator where he supposedly put the body.

Sonsoles Ónega has broadcast on its program the part in which Rodolfo Sancho’s son is in the reception of the Koh Phangan hotel where everything happened. Before the Thai authorities, he asked the staff for some personal belongings: “I left my shoes, some clothes and a hat,” he said.

One of the police officers explained that they took them in a black bag, and Sancho Gracia’s grandson replied, apparently concerned about an object of great sentimental value to him: “Can you take care of the hat? Because it was my grandfather’s and I don’t want it.” lose it”. “We keep it,” an agent responded.

His father, the protagonist of The Ministry of Time, traveled to Thailand this week to visit his son for the first time. After her third visit to the Koh Samui prison, she has assured that she will return to Spain because her presence there could be detrimental to the cause due to the media interest it arouses. Silvia Bronchalo, Daniel’s mother, does belong in the Asian country. A trial date has not yet been set, in which the 29-year-old chef could face the death penalty. He himself confessed to having killed and dismembered Edwin Arrieta.