The non-dispute of Sevilla vs UDG Tenerife consummates the strike in League F


The non-dispute of the match between Sevilla FC and UDG Tenerife, scheduled for 9:00 p.m. this Friday at the Jesús Navas Stadium, consummated the footballers’ strike announced by the unions ahead of the first two days of the F League, while it continues Negotiation of the Collective Agreement blocked.

Through a statement on its website, UDG Tenerife reported that its players had decided not to appear at said match in Seville, corresponding to the opening day of the league championship in the First Division.

“This resolution comes in accordance with their decision to support the strike proposed by the unions, so, in light of this decision, the club shows its support and respect for the will taken by the players,” said the UDG Tenerife in your press release.

Sevilla also expressed its position. “The club, which has prepared the match plan with great attention to detail as is usual in every match played at the Jesús Navas Stadium, wants to emphasize once again the players’ total respect and right to strike.” , noted the Sevilla press release.