José Castro: “Feats are for champion teams, we are going to try to make it difficult”


The president of Sevilla FC, José Castro, insisted that the Seville club “never wrinkles, especially in finals”, and warned that they will try to make things “difficult” for Manchester City in the European Super Cup, due to “the feats are for champion teams, at the same time that he once again ruled out the arrival of Sergio Ramos, who is now a free player.

“We are extremely happy with the possibility of winning another title. It is true that it will be difficult because they are the best in the world at the moment, but we are also champions and that is why we are here. The feats are for the champion teams. We are going to try make it difficult and hopefully we will be able to win another title, which would be extraordinary,” the president said in statements published by Sevilla on its website.

Castro showed his chest from Sevilla’s European record, although he highlighted City as a “great team”. “They are a relatively young team in terms of titles that had never won the Champions League, although they had been close on different occasions. We have played many European Super Cups, we only won one and we have to win another. Sevilla never wrinkles, let alone in finals. We hope to play a good game, make it difficult and try to win it”, he assured.

“The teams are not filmed and there may be some other option, but neither are we and look at the Valencia game. What is true is that the only ones who can attack City tomorrow are us,” he said about the moment of the season in which the title will be decided.

The Seville president highlighted the “good moment” the team is going through, despite the defeat in their league debut against Valencia. “We also came from a long trip after playing good games against great teams. We have had a good preseason and I am confident that the team will not wrinkle and that it will be a close and fought final, no matter how good City is,” he added. .

“Now there is no extra time. I would settle for going to penalties seeing that lately we have won all the shootouts. You have to play it, try to play a good game and if we do things well, we will see if we can beat them or not”, he settled on the match and the exclusion of extra time in the event of a tie at the end of 90 minutes.

On the future of Bono and Acuña, Castro acknowledged that they analyze and study all the offers to see “the possibility of a transfer.” “Until now there have been no offers and Bono is at Sevilla. Our team has champion players and they have a price. I’m not going to broadcast negotiations and even less before a final, but I reiterate that if the price is what we understand it to be good to continue growing, we would do it. If not, nothing happens and they will continue at the club”, he pointed out emphatically.

Finally, he ruled out the possible arrival of Sergio Ramos. “The sports director, the vice-president has said it and I’m going to say it. We don’t have anything against him, but it doesn’t fit into the planning and it has never been an option. You ask continuously, but it has never been an option”, he concluded .