Jorge Vilda: “We will go to the World Cup to make history”


The national women’s soccer coach, Jorge Vilda, made it clear that they are going to the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand this summer “to make history” and that they close this last break before giving the list of those chosen for the event as “best team”. after their victories against Norway and China.

“To make history, we want to make history,” Vilda replied at the press conference after the victory against China in Ibiza. “I see illusion, cohesion, desire, motivation to be there and, above all, pride in coming and putting on the national team shirt,” she added.

The coach recalled that “there is still a long way to go” until the debut at the event and celebrated having lived “a good concentration”. “We end up satisfied, knowing that we have room for improvement and that we are going to work on it,” he said.

The man from Madrid warned that “now comes an important moment for the players with decisive matches in the Champions League, the Cup and the League” and expressed his desire that until the moment of listing “injuries respect all the players”. “I hope we’ll see good returns from the ones that have been here and the ones that have a chance to come,” he said.

“We have tried players who did not play against Norway for a different game and a different challenge, and this has made us a better team, which continues to progress positively. In addition to winning the game, one of the objectives was to leave a clean sheet” Vilda continued.

The coach believes that both Norway and China have “complicated things” for them and have forced them to “bring out the best”. “We have seen how difficult China can make it for you, which has been a combative and super-solidarity team. They have made us work defensively, which is one of the points of improvement and in which we are paying a lot of attention,” he commented.

Vilda was clear that it would be difficult against the Asian champion because “it closes very well” and she regretted that they were not “completely fluid in the first half” and did not manage to “enter the wings as against Norway”. “In the second part we have had better circulation and a little more speed. We have had more dynamism and the goals and more chances have come”, she stressed.

“We have 100 days to go until the World Cup and I think that is enough time. We are already smelling it and the players are going to continue working to arrive in the best conditions,” said the Madrid coach.


For her part, Athenea del Castillo said that they are leaving the international break “with good feelings for two victories.” “We know where to focus to improve and also where our strengths are to keep improving,” she admitted.

“There are 100 days left until the World Cup and all of us who are here are going to work at our clubs and when we can come here to give our best performance. Spain will give their best as always and will try to compete at the highest level,” added the winger from Real Madrid.

The Cantabrian confessed her happiness for having scored. “It is an aspect that I have to improve. In the last day of the league I was not successful in front of the goal and I arrived at the national teams with a slightly bad feeling and I am leaving with a much better game and shot. We footballers cannot be always at a high peak and luckily I was able to go away with a goal”, stressed Del Castillo, who although she feels “more comfortable” on the left, knows that playing on the right will give her “a plus to be able to contribute more “.