Jorge Javier talks about Ana Obregón’s psychological state: “She is, at least, confused”

The presenter has been very critical of the attitude that the actress has adopted as a result of becoming a surrogate mother at the age of 68. Ana Obregon He has not been exactly a discreet person throughout his life but Jorge Javier Vazquez He believes that he has crossed all limits with the exhibition of little Ana Sandra: “The subject causes me a certain shame. It has become the worst standard bearer of surrogacy.”

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The one from Badalona calls the arguments put forward by Obregón’s close circle to defend his decisions “childish” and asserts: “We are witnessing situations that do not conform to a reality that has consistency. I think he is in a psychological situation that is at least confused I could never say that she is a bad person or that she acts in bad faith, and it makes me very rejected and angry to see the arguments that her clique uses to defend her, because they are childish.” And he adds: “Ana is receiving very harsh attacks and psychologically they are going to take their toll.”

He also predicts a complicated future: “The authorities are going to have to make decisions, they are putting too much focus on it.” And he ends: “Ana’s case has left a legal vacuum in the air. Saving the distances, what happened to what happened to us with the Treasury of the legal vacuums? None. And that was covered.”