Ana Obregón borders on illegality in the United States: the confidentiality contract that skips the bullfighter

the little one Ana Sandra He turns three weeks old this Tuesday and has already starred in two magazine covers and four photographs on networks shared by his own mother, Ana Obregon. The actress is happy and excited about the arrival of the girl, conceived with her son’s sperm Alessand wants to share his joy with the world, but there are many who believe that he is not measuring the consequences that this could have: “He is recounting a series of intimacies… If what he is doing reaches someone in the United States, he will have trouble getting out.”

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It says Kiko Hernandez, who was the father by surrogacy of twin girls seven years ago also in the United States. It was precisely him that she consulted Alessandro Lequio when Ana Obregón told him that she wanted to start the process. This Tuesday, the commentator from Save me He has been very critical of the overexposure of the actress and assures: “I have done the process and in the US respecting contracts is sacred. Here they give you confidentiality, you can’t talk about the sperm donor, you can’t talk about the pregnant woman, for a month you can’t get anything out on social networks… They give you ten contracts, one of them confidentiality. Ana is recounting a series of intimacies that as it reaches someone in the United States, they are going to have problems.”

Kiko Hernández is very angry. He believes that Ana Obregón’s indiscretion can greatly harm other people who are in the process of surrogacy and so he reproaches her: “It would be a great disgrace because there are many people who the only way they have is that. If they prohibit it out of guilt that Ana, who does a show with this, is tremendous. That she stop doing circuses and exclusives, and that people who really love it can do it “.