Jorge Javier Vázquez, after being the victim of extortion for his party nights: “I have reported it to the Police”

Jorge Javier Vazquez told this Wednesday in his program an unpleasant episode. He revealed that she has been a victim of blackmail and extortion in the past, to the point that she had to inform the police about it.

The presenter of Badalona explained it as a result of the images of Rafa Mora injured in a night of revelry and fun, which were captured by unknown persons who sent them to the program Fiesta. These photos, after a great bait, were finally censored and were not broadcast in the Emma Garcia.

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Jorge, who launches his new book on November 9, explained that something similar has already happened to him: “They have tried to blackmail me with that and it is a very hard thing, very hard,” he said this Wednesday in Save me. “I have had to report him to the police for blackmail and extortion,” he also pointed out.

On the controversy of his partner, he added: “I understand what happens to Rafa, and the feeling of vulnerability in this type of situation. I understand his mother’s reaction and I know that you will begin to live with some fears.”

Remembered are other images that have come to light, in which Jorge Javier appears at a party and in a drunken state. His detractors have used these photos on networks in a harmful and mocking way, although he has been able to turn the tables by talking about the matter naturally, even ironically so as not to get scared.

i know you did In 2007 he also recorded Jorge at the LGTBIQ+ Pride in Madrid, with pillar blonde as a reporter, and this brought a great war between the presenter of Mediaset and the remembered program of Patricia Count in La Sexta: “There is a television program that is continually calling me drunk. I accept, because of the hard program that I do, my part of criticism, but not that they continually call me drunk,” Jorge snapped on one occasion.

“I was caught drunk once, but I work in a production company where the bosses never give cocaine to their workers so that they work better when they are tired; I work in a production company where, when a party arrives, the workers do not contribute their money to buy the best cocaine; and I work in a production company whose bosses can say that never, due to the effects of cocaine and drunkenness, have they tried to sexually abuse a colleague,” he added then.

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Years later, in 2016, he spoke again about the controversy on TV3: “The big mistake I had with I know what you did… was to give them ground. We really fed a program that was very much in the minority. At first I laughed a lot, then they became very cruel and with a bad milk that I did not like.