Esther Doña, that dark object of desire: the fight between Ana Rosa and Sonsoles over Judge Pedraz’s ex

This Thursday Sonsoles Onega interview to Esther Dona. This is an expected interview. Since it became known that his relationship with the judge Santiago Pedraz (64) had ended, the same day they announced on the cover of Hola that they were getting married, there are many programs and magazines that have been interested in carrying the first statements of the widow of the Marquis of Griñón.

And among those interested was, as this newspaper already reported, Anna Quintana (66). The veteran journalist wanted to interview Doña on her show. But she won’t be able to be. The former companion and friend of hers, Sonsoles Onega, who turns 45 this month, has taken it away. And Ana Rosa is not willing to be the second.

“Ana Rosa wanted to interview Esther Doña. From the AR program they contacted her to show her their interest and convince her to go on television and sit with Ana Rosa,” they confirm to Informalia from the environment close to the widow of Carlos Falco. Information confirmed by a person who works in the program. But what she couldn’t expect AR is that Doña would reject her and decide on another proposal that she had on the table. This is the program And now Sonsoles, of Antena 3. Although she will never admit it, “Ana Rosa has not been at all well that Esther Doña has rejected her and much less because on top of that she has decided to sit down with Sonsoles”, they tell us.

The resignation of Antena 3 to make a heart made things very easy for Telecinco in its day. They had no competition when it came to talking to the characters and imposed their caches on them. Now, with the commitment to information from the heart of And now Sonsoles they have another option: The arrival of Sonsoles has made them see that they had to remove complexes from the heart and that this type of information can be dealt with without going into the seedy characters that make up the parallel reality mounted by the other chain. Something that has also been captured by a good number of celebrities, who now listen to Antena3’s proposals in a different way.

Esther’s interview also came with another proposal, and if it works, she could also stay and occupy a seat on the program one day a week as she does Sea Flowers. Esther has already made her first steps on Spanish Television, in The morning, but his section was held for a few weeks because it was not attractive enough. Perhaps now, that Esther is going in a different mood, it will work. At that time, the Marquis had died a few months ago, and her attitude may now be different. They say that she needs to work and the exclusive business, after the last prank a Hola, it’s not so easy anymore.

But Esther’s arrival at Antena 3 has another attraction. And it is that she will work in the same chain as her stepdaughter, Tamara Falco, with whom she has no contact after her husband’s death, despite being almost from the same generation: the Marchioness of Griñón turns 41 in three weeks and Doña is 44. The truth is that they never had a relationship and that it is not encounters in the corridors are likely to occur since the anthill It is not recorded on the sets of the Antena 3 headquarters.