Matt Petgrave was charged with murder by an ex-Penguins star and given freedom after Adam Johnson’s death.

Matt Petgrave was charged with murder by an ex-Penguins star and given freedom after Adam Johnson’s death.

South Yorkshire Police said on Tuesday that a person had been held on suspicion of manslaughter in connection with the death of Adam Johnson, a former forward for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

According to, the suspect, Matt Petgrave, a former AHL player, has since been freed on bail.

When the Panthers played the Sheffield Steelers in the second period, Petgrave’s skate came in after a hit and cut Johnson within the neck.

Johnson, who is 29 years old, got medical help on the ice as well as was then taken to a nearby hospital, where he was declared dead.

Detective Superintendent Becs Horsfall made a comment about the arrest earlier this week. Horsfall didn’t name Petgrave, but he did say that the police have talked to “highly specialized experts” as part of their probe.

“Our investigation began right after this tragedy, so we have been doing a lot of work ever since to try to figure out what happened that night that Adam died in such unusual circumstances,” Horsfall said.

We’ve been talking to very knowledgeable experts in their fields to help us with our questions, and we’re still working closely with Sheffield City Council’s health and safety department, which is helping us with our research.

Everyone in the NHL was shocked by Johnson’s death, and players have started wearing neck guards during practice and games.

The NHL as well as NHLPA are additionally working together to find better ways to keep players safe from getting cut in the future.

The Sheffield Steelers’ Matt Petgrave hit the Nottingham Panthers player in the neck with his skate on October 28. When the 29-year-old arrived to the hospital, they said he was dead.

South Yorkshire Police said the guy had been arrested on Tuesday, but on Wednesday they said he had been freed on bail. The Nottingham Panthers stated that Johnson’s death was a “freak accident” in the past.

BBC News reports that a guy who was being held in connection in the death of ex NHL player Adams Johnson has been freed on bail. This has shocked people in the ice sports community.

Accident happened during a game in October 28. Johnson’s neck was fatally hurt when it was hit by Matt Petgrave’s skate.

Adam Johnson, 29, was playing ice hockey for the Nottingham Panthers versus the Sheffield Steelers within the Elite Ice Hockey League when the accident happened.

This terrible thing happened at Sheffield’s home stadium. Johnson was hurt so badly that the game had to be called off, which is what killed him.

Johnson, who was 29 years old, was killed in a professional hockey league game involving the Nottingham Panthers and the Sheffield Steelers in October 28.

Matt Petgrave of the Steelers hit Johnson in the neck in the 35th minute for the game, cutting Johnson. When Johnson passed out, he was taken for the hospital and declared dead there.

The guy who was apprehended on suspicion for manslaughter within the death of Adam Johnson, a former Penguins player, has been freed on bail, according to the Associated Press.

During a game against the Nottingham Panthers in England on Oct. 28, Johnson was hit by an opponent’s skate blade.

South Yorkshire cops did not say who the suspect was. Sources say that Matt Petgrave, the player that skate cut Johnson’s neck, was arrested.

The suspect was caught on Tuesday and freed on bail in Wednesday while more questions are being answered, according according to the AP. Johnson played a short time in the NHL while playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins.