There are nerves in the television environment and at the slightest the conflict jumps from the darkness of the hallways to the outside, where the public can see it and glimpse the war that has been going on for months between two production companies from the Mediaset area, that is, that of the missing Save me, and of Ana Rosa Quintana, which is less than 24 hours away from heading towards the leadership of the afternoons.

That is at least its goal. In front of her, on Antena 3, her former student Sonsoles Ónega, who waits for her at the gayola door like El Cordobés did when he got a big Mihura. On La 1, Jordi González, who will still take a few days to arrive. They tell us that everyone, including the Sonsoles team, is a little nervous. But it’s not just between rival chains that there is trouble. In Mediaset the friendly fire burns.

In the background, the teams of the contenders who have a lot at stake in this battle. For warm up, Joaquin Prat, of the Ana Rosa team, was launching this Sunday in The country a clear dart towards the defenestrated Save me, program that has been replaced by that of her boss: “Ana Rosa taught me that elegance should never be lost. Sálvame’s histrionics end up tiring,” says Alejandra Prat’s brother (who by the way plays on the Sonsoles team).

It didn’t take long for one of the presenters from La Fábrica de la Tele to respond, that is, from the losing team, the one that produced the format hosted by Jorge Javier, who these days is dragging himself into the acess prime time with some Chinese Stories that, if they do not disappear, they can destroy Mediaset because they have weak audiences.

“I have never liked the color gray. It is sad and indefinite. Good morning,” says Patiño in his X account to describe Joaquín Prat who believes that TardeAr “will mark a turning point” and that “Sálvame is the history of television for its innovation,” he says. And then add, as we said, that “histrionics is like buying a yellow car. You love it, but two days later you are sick of it… “If you had bought a gray one, it would last longer.”

The truth is that the yellow car lasted Jorge Javier and Patiño 14 years, which is not bad. The point is that this exchange of blows precedes the premiere this Monday of Ana Rosa Quintana in the afternoons, perhaps the last cartridge of the new Mediaset post Paolo Vasile, that has not stopped chaining resounding failures.

Joaquín Prat She has just taken over from Ana Rosa since 11 in the morning (before, there is Ana Terradillos with La Mirada Crítica) and the data is not overwhelming in her favor. Susanna Griso is dangerously close to him and has already done the trick. overtaking on occasion, at a time coincidence.

TardeAR appears on Telecinco this Monday with the hope of saving the network and lifting the time slot between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., becoming a reference for afternoons as it was for almost a decade and a half. Save me.

Disqualification marketing is not new. During the last weeks of Save me, In the program they talked ad nauseam about Mediaset in general and about Ana Rosa’s Program in particular, literally making fun of Unicorn Content’s morning heart table by playfully imitating the cotton candy tone that they say they use in that space.

But there is no need to go that far: Jorge Javier in his first program also attacked his successors: “They will probably go to jail for having bored the audience that way,” he said. Sandra Barneda and César Muñoz, who will be opening for AR starting this Monday, answered: “Do you think we were dull? I think not, I think we had a great time.”