Joana Sanzthe woman of Dani Alves, has not disappeared from social networks in this time that her husband has been admitted to prison without bail. Since last Friday, the player has been incarcerated for the alleged rape of a 23-year-old girl in a Barcelona nightclub on the night of December 30-31.

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This Monday, the model from Tenerife wrote: “My heart, endure so much pain.” Hours later, he recorded a video to reassure his followers, who are more than 800,000 on Instagram: “Well, I wanted to make this video for you to see me because I know there are many people who are very worried. Now I have a moment of calm inside all the storm that I have above me and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank so many people who are supporting me.

Her devastated face is evident, she cannot hide her sadness and bewilderment at what happened to her husband, although the truth is that she tries to show some calm despite the circumstances. “I have some precious messages. I’m reading them all and it comforts me that there are people who take their time to write me something so beautiful,” she said.

This Monday the transfer of the ex-Barça player from prison was agreed to “better guarantee safety and coexistence”. The player has already provided up to three statements that do not match each other. Against him, the statement of the young woman affected, that of the witnesses, the medical examination she underwent, the images obtained by the local security cameras, the incongruous versions of the player himself and the biological samples from the bathroom, which They are being analyzed to check if they match those of the footballer. The dress that the young woman was wearing that night has also been delivered for analysis by the UCAS, the Unit Against Sexual Assaults. In addition, a tattoo of the player has been described by the alleged victim.

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The Canary Islander and the Brazilian soccer player met in Barcelona in 2016 thanks to some mutual friends. A year later they got married in Formentera in an intimate wedding. This Saturday, the wife of the former Barcelona Football Club player also reappeared on networks to ask for “respect” for her situation.