Jenni Hermoso, after Rubiales’ tepid apology: “We are world champions, right?”

A shower of applause for the World Cup champions upon their arrival in Madrid. The players were acclaimed by the fans in Madrid Río this Monday, August 21. At this football festival, Luis Rubiales slipped into the role of the protagonist of a disastrous and out of place episode that clouded the media coverage of the team’s success. The unusual kiss that he planted on Jenni Hermoso’s mouth on the stadium podium has gone around the world. After his public apology, Hermoso also spoke in full celebration of the victory in Madrid Río.

Jenni has avoided commenting on Rubiales’ pardon and has dodged the global repercussion that the case has had. She hasn’t said a word about whether she’s upset with the president of the RFEF. “We are world champions, right? Right now I think it’s too much”has slipped

Rubiales’ words, recorded in a video that the federation has shared with the media, were the following: “There is a fact that I have to regret and it is everything that has happened between a player and me, with a magnificent relationship between the two. .. Surely, I was wrong. I have to admit it because in a moment of maximum effusiveness, without any bad intentions, without any bad faith, what happened happened, in a very spontaneous way (…) But outside it seems that it has created a stir. If there are people who have felt damaged by this, I have to apologize, there is no other.” A ‘mea culpa’ that has not convinced. The voices calling for the resignation of the president of the RFEF are increasing.