Pedro Sánchez receives the world champions with “pride”, “admiration” and “eternal gratitude”


The acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, received the players of the Spanish team, champions of the Women’s World Cup that was held in Australia and New Zealand, this Tuesday at the Moncloa Complex, with “pride”, “admiration” and “eternal gratitude”, after a “success” that “pays tribute to other generations”, and announced the distinction to the team with the Gold Medal of the Royal Order of Sports Merit.

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done, how you have done it and how you have made us enjoy. I believe that the pride in what you have achieved, the admiration for how you have played to achieve that World Cup and the eternal gratitude of the whole of the Spanish society, which has enjoyed, which has vibrated, with each of the games you have played”, congratulated Sánchez from La Moncloa this morning.

After greeting the footballers and members of the team’s coaching staff one by one, the acting President of the Government addressed the world champions to highlight the “heart” they poured into “playing against great teams”. “Against great teams that you have beaten, especially the English team in that extraordinary World Cup final,” he celebrated.

“In 2010 we said ‘we are world champions’, and now in 2023 we say, with great pride, ‘we are world champions’. And this is a success that logically belongs to you as a generation, but also pays tribute to other generations of players. who have preceded you, who have worked in a sometimes very anonymous way for the whole of Spanish society and who are reflected in this success”, said Sánchez about other footballers who have participated in this achievement in other tournaments and classifications.

In addition, the president was “convinced” that this first and historic star “is not going to be the culmination of a process.” “It will be the beginning of many good things that will happen for women’s football and for women’s sports in our country. In short, women’s football and women’s sports have a bright future,” he predicted.

“And I think that the only thing that we as representatives of Spanish society can tell you is that Spain is proud of you. This century must be, it will be, I am convinced of it, the century of women on all fronts, the century of real and effective equality between men and women must be, all public administrations must be there,” the president wished.

Sánchez also highlighted the role of “benchmarks” that Spanish players now have, world champions for the first time. “What you have obviously achieved is formidable, but you have achieved something very important and that is that the girls who are watching you also see football as a place where they can develop. That is tremendous pride and a tremendous honor for an athlete” , he pointed.

And for this progress to continue, Sánchez assured that “from the Government of Spain and all administrations, regardless of political color” they will bet “for women’s sports and women’s football.” “We have done it with European funds, with a new Sports Law where we incorporate equality as one of the transversal principles of what sport should be in the 21st century. And also with economic resources,” she explained.

“I know that there is still a lot to do, but obviously we are on the path that you logically demand and demand of your representatives and public institutions”, concluded the acting President of the Government.

Before that, the captain of the national team, Ivana Andrés, took the floor, who presented Sánchez with the World Cup, a trophy “of a lot of effort and sacrifice” and her “dream since she was little.” We thank the Government for supporting women and sports, for us it is an honor and a source of pride. We thank the RFEF for all its support and effort, that it bets on women’s football. We dedicate this cup to all of you, we are world champions”, settled the player from La Moncloa.