Javier Tebas: “Rubiales undermined the dignity of Jenni and also that of Spain”

“It is not a question of left or right, no opportunism justifies a madman touching his genitals and forcing kisses”


The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, regretted this Wednesday the attempt to “focus” on the players and the “opportunism” or “political hypocrisy”, to remember the damage caused by the actions of Luis Rubiales, currently suspended by FIFA as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, an “energúmeno” who represented Spain in the World Cup final in Australia “touching his genitals and forcing kisses”.

“It is unworthy to coerce the players of the national team and focus on them or on their hot reaction. They are not guilty of the image of Spain given by Rubiales,” wrote the president of the employers’ association on the social network ‘X’ , along with four photos of Rubiales at the title celebration in Sydney.

Thebes was harsh with the former leader, in the absence of the Sports Administrative Court (TAD) ruling on the complaint from the Higher Sports Council (CSD), after a video published on Tuesday with Jenni Hermoso referring to the kiss as a joke on the bus, before he became the subject of a complaint.

“No opportunism or political hypocrisy justifies that the image of Spain has been represented by a madman touching his genitals, forcing kisses, carrying players like a sack and touching the Queen inappropriately at such an important moment,” adds Tebas with photos. of those moments.

“It is not a question of left or right, Rubiales not only undermined Jenni’s dignity with his attitude, but also that of Spain,” the president of LaLiga concludes.