Gerard Piqué enjoys with Clara Chía, her parents and her brother from the Croatian sea: no sign of their children

Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía have been caught on boat holidays off the coast of Croatia, but they have not been alone. It has been a journey that his direct family has also joined: his parents, his brother and the wife of this one, but without his children milan and sasha. “With how intense it is to make life all on a boat, it has been one more in the family,” Sandra Aladro commented this Wednesday on Telecinco.

The journalist has assured: “It is a very consolidated relationship, time has passed and Clara Chía is not a person who is passing through”, despite the fact that “at this point it is still an incompatible plan” that she coincides with the minors, supposedly for the Gerard’s bad relationship with Shakira.

The photos in the Croatian sea, which have been published exclusively by Lectures Also this Wednesday, they thus show the wonderful relationship between the footballer and the publicist, very well accepted by his in-lawsthus denying the alleged crisis between the two.

In the main snapshot that opens the cover of the magazine, Piqué can be seen sitting on the table, with swimming goggles on his forehead as he looks pensively at the horizon. However, chiastanding, looks a spectacular figure while paddling to move the board on which they are both standing.