Luis Miguel is left “alone”: Paloma Cuevas returns to Spain to accompany her daughters at the start of the course

They have been inseparable for the last 20 days but all good things come to an end. At least for now. Because the Sun of Mexico must continue with its world tour (now in Latin America) but Paloma Cuevas He has returned to Spain to accompany his daughters at the start of the school year.

She did it a few days ago in the Premium area of ​​the Barajas Airport, where she was picked up by a security car with tinted windows that helped her fool the press and avoid taking photos. In the next few days she will focus on preparing the new course for the girls, visiting her parents (to whom she is very close) and probably preparing her birthday party on September 11.

It has not been revealed when the reunion between the lovers will be, but surely they already have it marked on fire in their agendas. Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas They began their relationship more than a year ago and there have been very few occasions on which they have separated. Now, Luis Miguel’s tour has put an ocean between the two and a lot of rumors that they are starting to get tired of: the last one, that the artist has placed a gastric sleeve at the request of the designer. Luis Miguel’s entourage affirms that the singer is considering taking legal measures to stop once and for all the ‘fake-news’ that has been persecuting him since his return to the stage: they have even said that he uses a double in his concerts.