“It’s outrageous, I’m in full bikini operation”

A photo, a hand on the tummy and a two-fingered victory gesture were enough to unleash rumors about the alleged state of good hope of the Marchioness of Griñón. It was last Friday, in the image with which Tamara Falco congratulated her husband on his 35th birthday. After days of speculation, the daughter of Isabel Preysler has denied that they are going to expand their family: “Let the rumors seem to me unpoco indignant.”

He has done it, yes, with a smile, which is why he was educated in the best schools. And also using a sense of humor: “Outrageous because I’m in full bikini operation for the summer”has said. “I’m very well, thank you”, has settled. The photograph was the starting signal for the rumors of a possible pregnancy that have been fueled this weekend. The reason? The businessman has traveled to Ibiza with his friends while his wife has stayed in Madrid.

However, the reason was not a pregnancy but commitments in her agenda. This Wednesday, Tamara presented her new clothing collection for Pedro del Hierro, which is inspired, as she revealed, by her honeymoon (Africa and Polynesia). It was at Casa Salesas, Iñigo Onieva’s new restaurant in the center of Madrid, where he also spoke about their great passion for gastronomy, ‘guilty’, perhaps, of that suspicious tummy that set off alarm bells last Friday. : “Íñigo is dying for gastronomic restaurants and sometimes I have to cut him off. I try not to pay too much attention to the scale, I prefer to opt for a healthy life and not be a slave and enjoy it. If 80 percent of the time you are ‘good’, then you can allow yourself your little whims,” ​​he said in Vanity Fair.

“The issue of pregnancy rumors is cyclical. The other day I met a neighbor and he congratulated me”has said about motherhood. “I have zero pressure. I have a lot of faith and if it has to be, it will be and if not, there are many ways to be happy. I have always said that I love children and that I want to have a family, but I don’t think I would be a bitter person if it didn’t happen. I’m taking care of myself, we’re both healthy, we’re having a lot of fun. If it works, and if not, too.”

Tamara has also taken stock of her marriage, which is about to celebrate its first year on July 8: “It is turning out to be a beautiful journey. There are people who tell me that the first two years are the most complicated, but the First it was fantastic so I don’t agree at all,” he said, laughing. “I have the sacrament behind me blessing the relationship. For me that is key because I really notice that Jesus is exerting his force. All the arguments or conflicts you may have, having faith, are resolved.” She drools talking about Iñigo (“he’s quite organized, he takes the dogs out…”) but she recognizes that he is not perfect: “He can always improve. I give him a 9.5.”