Carmen Borrego, through tears, congratulates her son live: “You know I’ll wait for you”

  • María Teresa Campos’ grandson turns 34 this Wednesday
  • He also works on ‘This is life’, a program in which his mother collapsed

Difficult day for Carmen Borrego, since her son, José María Almoguera, turns 34 years old. Mother and son remain estranged due to family problems, and it does not seem that reconciliation is close, despite the wishes of Terelu’s sister. Quite the opposite. Collapsed, the youngest daughter of María Teresa Campos has not been able to contain her tears live.

“I’m still here. I still feel the same mother as when I went away.” Survivorsshe said, very excited, in This is life. In this sense, and breaking into tears, he has explained that she does not want to harm any of her two children, since José María is joined by Carmen Rosa, very discreet: “In any case I will never go against them. I will never do what I have done as a mother throughout my life”.

At the same time, he revealed that he congratulated his son on this special day: “Of course I congratulated him”. And looking at the camera, he added: “You know that I love you, that I wait for you and that I will always wait for you”.

Borrego says she is broken inside, because this separation from José María has her devastated: “Time passes and you think it’s going to be better, but it’s not, it’s worse. I knew June was going to be a difficult month for me”.

Thus, Terelu Campos’ sister does not lose hope in a possible reconciliation: “I’m giving it time”. And he has pulled out his nails for him, while receiving a hug from Sandra Barneda as a symbol of support: “I do not allow people to speak ill of my son. I cannot stand it. I am not going to allow anyone in front of me to speak ill of him. “.

It must be remembered that José María also works in This is life, but she does it behind the cameras and avoids all contact with her mother. In recent days, rumors of reconciliation between him and Paola Olmedo have surfaced. I must say that the two were accused of editing after announcing their separation in a magazine, just nine months after becoming parents. Whether this is the case or not, the war between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law ended up dynamiting the relationship between mother and son. Carmen already made it clear a few weeks ago: “I hope he doesn’t regret it because when a couple’s only goal is to separate you from your family, that never turns out well.” A few days ago and after a new rudeness, she also said collapsed: “I want to continue being a good person, being a mother open to reconciliation and a grandmother open to living with her grandson.”