Julián Muñoz is discharged from the hospital and returns home with the best nurse: “He needs to be calm”

The family Muñoz Zaldivar breathe calmly now. The former mayor of Marbella has been discharged from the Marbella Hospital after a week receiving intensive care. His condition has improved enough for him to continue his recovery at home and his wife, Maytewho has not been separated from him these days, has been in charge of picking him up and accompanying him to his home, on the beachfront.

They left the medical center together, arm in arm. The man who was Isabel Pantoja’s partner protected himself from the strong sun with dark glasses, a protective mask and several dressings on his arm. Julián did not want to speak to the press but his wife did, and she seemed very relieved: “He’s better, we’re already discharged, because we’re all happy. And now he needs to be relaxed and calm, because he’s been discharged, but nothing more.”. And he added: “We are very happy to have him home again.”

At 76 years old, and sick with terminal cancer, Julian Muñoz He was admitted to the hospital last Wednesday after experiencing a worsening in his health. He arrived at the health center with visible difficulties walking and accompanied by his daughter. Elia, who was carrying a bag with personal belongings and clothing. After requesting voluntary discharge from his last admission, Julián was receiving treatment at his own home and his surroundings were happy, an improvement that allowed him to walk daily near the sea and enjoy his friends on the terraces of the zone. In recent days, however, his condition had worsened: “The family was very concerned and asked him to visit his medical team because he had some discomfort that did not stop”they revealed. “Julián’s illness has entered a new phase that could be definitive and he will undergo intravenous treatment,” they assured.

Mayte Zaldívar, his greatest support

Friend, nurse, companion and now, again, wife. Mayte Zaldívar has once again become a key person in the life of Julián Muñoz, whom she divorced after her relationship with Isabel Pantoja came to light. Time healed the wounds, there was forgiveness, a rapprochement and last January, a wedding. The second for them, who once again became husband and wife in the office of a notary in Marbella with two witnesses. A surprise considering that Mayte was in a relationship with Fernando Marcos for 17 years. They assure that it is over and now they are just friends, others point out that they are still together and the wedding is just an arrangement of papers to leave Mayte in an optimal fiscal situation when Julián leaves. “They love each other and are together, which was my grandfather’s last wish,” said his grandson.