The Technical Scientific Committee (CTS) that advises the Italian Government during the pandemic approved a new protocol this Friday that plans to postpone the Serie A matches if a club registers more than 35% positives in the squad, that is, nine infected.

With this decision, the CTS gives its approval to the agreement reached last Wednesday at the conference between the Government and the Italian regions with the aim of creating “safe and shared” rules.

In that meeting, in which the directors of the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) and the Serie A League also participated, new regulations were developed to give “certainty to the continuation of sports activities” under equal conditions.

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The new protocol establishes that if a club registers more than 35% positives in its squad, which in the case of football would be 9 out of 25 players, the match will be postponed.

Positive players must remain in isolation, monitored and controlled according to the legislation.

On the other hand, negative players but in close contact with positive players must undergo a coronavirus test in the following five days and wear the Ffp2 mask, except when they play sports.