“It is lighter than water”

Hiba Abouk has spoken about his relationship with Alvaro Muñoz Escassi. In the midst of the media storm over the rider’s infidelities Maria Jose Suarezthe actress has stated, categorically, that the Sevillian is only united by a friendship. Together they enjoyed last weekend at the El Turronero party, in Jerez de la Frontera. Therefore, beyond the Sevillian and the Miss, all eyes were on the future contestant of MasterChef Celebrity.

Speaking to reporters at Gtreswho was asked this Wednesday at Barajas Airport (Madrid) when she arrived from a trip with the culinary talent team, the artist insisted that it makes no sense to suspect both of them.

“There is no relationship, There is a friendship as he said and that’s it.“It’s all crystal clear,” she told reporters, who then asked her if they hadn’t been on a blind date at the event. “How is it going to be a blind date? We are not 12 years old“, he denied.

Abouk recalled the statements of the rider, who told the press that the two of them just like each other. “You know that I never speak out about these things, He has already spoken. There is absolutely nothing and that’s it.” he said. “The last thing he has clarified seems to me to be the truth and what really exists, which is that there is absolutely nothing,” he concluded.

These statements come two days after the reason why the model broke up with Escassi after three years together became known. Suárez received an email from a woman who told her, in detail, about the relationship she had with the jockey at her expense.

According to what has been learned Informaliathe reason for the monumental anger of the one who was the most beautiful woman in Spain 28 years ago does not end with the disloyalty of the rider. That infidelity has not been the only one. The Miss Coria del Río could not believe it when she found out that Alvaro had been with a woman whose five-letter name begins with B and who is transsexual..