The photo of Leonor and Sofia with the influencer Tomás Páramo, a close friend of Victoria Federica

It was the big day for the Princess of Asturias. Leonor received from her father, Don Felipe, the rank of second lieutenant of the Army and the Grand Cross of Military Merit with white insignia. During the ceremony, at the General Military Academy (AGM) in Zaragoza on Wednesday, July 3, we saw that big hug between father and daughter that left us with the image of the day. After the appointments, the general director of the Academy, Manuel Pérez López, intervened, who addressed the heiress to say: “You are taking with you a great backpack” that “has made you grow as a person and better understand our Army and appreciate the demands of military life.” At the event, on the parade ground, were the relatives of her fellow second lieutenants. Among them, the fashion influencer Tomás Páramo, a friend of Victoria Federica de Marichalar. Páramo took the opportunity to pose with Leonor and Sofía at the post-ceremony reception.

Along with the image, Páramo posted these lines: “I have had the honour of meeting Infanta Sofía and the Princess of Asturias, who was also named second lieutenant today.”

How did Tomás come to this event, which was Leonor’s farewell to Zaragoza and the Academy? Because of his cousin, who also received his second lieutenant’s commission. This is how the friend from Vic told it: “We are proud of you and of all the effort you have made in preparing yourself during these five years to serve Spain. It is exciting to see what you have become and, above all, how humble you are and the big heart you have. It has been an honour to accompany you today, Jorge, and congratulations.” Tomás was his sister Eva Páramo. Photo below, with the daughter of the Infanta Elena.

The 26-year-old Instagrammer and publicist is married to María García de Jaime, a close friend of Victoria Federica. They are part of the royal’s gang and make plans with her in Marbella and Starlite.