“It is not a crime nor is it prohibited”

Susanna Gray has come to the defense of Vicky Martin Berrocal for the criticism she received for her latest Instagram post, where she posed in a bikini under the poolside sun. Users considered that she had retouched the image too much and that she was transmitting an erroneous message about self-love, a motto that she champions.

Jorge Salgado, photographer and expert in digital imaging, has explained in Public mirror that, indeed, the photo of the model is retouchedwhich is normal when it comes to exposing yourself to hundreds of followers and living, in part, from having a good public presence.

“The skin has softened, wrinkles have been removed and some parts have been liquefied”she commented, taking the opportunity to explain why so many people pointed out the cosmetic touch-ups of Enrique Solís’ ex. “It draws our attention because it helps us feel better to think that famous men and women are imperfect and have been retouched. Famous people are absolutely normal, real people who have to sell an image.”

The presenter of the Atresmedia space has applauded this message, also pointing out that Editing images posted on social media is not a crime, it is not prohibitedFor Alba Díaz’s mother, Instagram is “a personal means of communication” and, therefore, she likes to take care of it.

The collaborators have also commented on the reactions to the post, where some comment on the model’s slim stomach. “We don’t show our stomachs and it’s a delicate area for women”explained Gema López, who was joined by Alonso Caparrós: ​​”I think she looks great and I also think she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met in my life.”

The ex of Manuel Díaz El Cordobés was one of the precursors of the Body Positivethe movement that encouraged people to accept and love their bodies just as they were: with their extra pounds, stretch marks, cellulite, scars… But three years ago, Vicky changed her habits and adopted a healthy lifestyle, monitoring her diet and daily exercise with a personal trainer. Now, at 51, she boasts a much more stylized and slim figure, something that has disappointed her followers.

She responded to the criticism by saying that all she has done is take care of herself and that she owes her figure to physical exercise: “Sport, lots of sport. I’ve been doing it for three years now. Try it because you’ll notice.” She also stated that the photos are not retouched and that she has not undergone any cosmetic treatments: “Three years of exercising and eating very healthily.”