Isabel Preysler, on the rumors of crisis between Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva: “Divinely”

The ex of Mario Vargas Llosa This Friday he attended the inauguration of the new Maribel Yébenes beauty and aesthetic medicine center and has denied with a stroke of his pen all the rumors about a possible marital crisis between Tamara Falco e Inigo Onieva: “I don't see any discussion, they are divine.”

Isabel Preysler He has tried to avoid the press without success. She has been sparing in her words but has assured that she is “very well” at this moment in his life. The socialite, who has shown a special complicity with Pablo Motosanother of the guests, has ruled out falling in love again, at least in the short term: “Willing? But how willing is that? I tell you, I'm fine the way I am.”

The socialite is completely dedicated to her family and enjoys, like any grandmother, the company and games of her grandchildren. In a few months, she expands her number thanks to Ana Boyerpregnant with her third child with Fernando Verdasco: “She is doing very well, wonderfully, the pregnancy suits her divinely,” she said.

Preysler shared the evening with other well-known faces such as the singer Omar Montesthe Instagrammer Isabelle Junot (wife of his nephew Álvaro Falcó) and Begoña García Vaquerocompletely recovered from the stroke she suffered last September.