Carlo Costanzia attacks Lequio and Makoke for jumping on the bandwagon of his interview: “They are pathetic”

Mar Flores' son sat down this Friday on the set of Santi Acosta and Beatriz Archidona to clarify some of his statements from last week. The words of Carlo Costanzia have unleashed a media tsunami in which many of the house's talk shows have participated, such as Alessandro Lequio y Makokesomething that did not please the young model: “They are pathetic.”

Calm but very upset by the circumstances, the interpreter of Toy Boy He wanted to make it clear that his intention was not to open old wounds from the past or rekindle the war between his parents: “Why would I have to ask my mother for forgiveness? Have I said something bad about her? It is the others who have distorted everything, they have cut my statements and I told her and my father not to worry, I was going to come here to clarify everything.” Carlo has even attacked the program itself: “How is this interview announced? What is the cut? They have talked about 'The rebellion of the children' and I do not tolerate that, that they compare me with certain characters who have come here to give birth to their parents,” he said in reference to Ángel Cristo Jr., among others.

Angry, he insisted: “How sad that a person gives a testimony of bullying and mental problems and what comes out is this and people talk that I don't even know who they are. I have seen Lequio once in my life, Makoke never… . It's pathetic. Everyone wants to rekindle the war between my parents because they've been eating it for years., but it is terrible that they do it within this context. “I came to tell something else.”

Carlo has admitted that he is having difficult days: “I've been watching videos for a week that I've never seen before. and you are taking me back to a horrible place that I overcame years ago with a lot of pain and in which I do not want to be again.” And he added: “All this hurts me a lot. I am too trained and have many years of therapy to screw up for something that happened 30 years ago and that does not concern me. “The path of something very ugly, very painful has been reopened.”

“I love my parents so much”

The DJ has made it clear that he does not share some decisions that his parents made when he was young (for example, placing him in Switzerland) but he assures that his relationship with both of them is very good: “I have a good relationship with my mother, we talk often and we “We love a lot. I have a better relationship with my father because I have spent more time with him and I have relied on him more because I wanted to, not because my mother denied me any support.”

He has also spoken with your brothers, the four children of Mar Flores with Javier Merino: “I adore them, I get along very well with them and I would like to have given them another example. I hope they never go through what I have gone through.” Through tears, she confessed: “I feel like a failure and sometimes I'm embarrassed to talk to them, because of all the stupid things I've done in my life.”

“I've hit rock bottom”

Mar Flores' son has said that he started using drugs at the age of 10: “I have used all kinds of drugs. It was my way of rebelling.” A very harmful behavior that she has maintained until very recently: “Consumption is a terrible thing. I have hit rock bottom many times and I continue to do so. “I have wanted to die, I have tried to get out of the way many times, consuming until I reached the limit of having an overdose.”he has reported.

Carlo wanted to send a message of improvement: “Drugs are not the way and the only way to stay away is by surrounding yourself with your family, your friends and following therapy.”