Isabel Pantoja raises her voice to one of her fans at the Almería airport: “I can’t stand up, lady”

With the hangover of having triumphed this Saturday night in the Plaza de Toros de Almería, Isabel Pantoja He left the capital of Almeria this Sunday with a smile on his face. However, despite ensuring that she was “very happy“For the success of her concert, the interpreter of Sailor of Lights He had a small run-in with one of his followers before taking the plane.

While walking through the airport on the way to her terminal, Julián Muñoz’s ex became nervous when she suddenly received many of her fans. “Now, baby, now, now“said Isabel while a follower asked her for a photograph.

Seconds later and grabbed by the arm by one of the airport workers, the artist had to deal with a woman who grabbed her arm to stop her and take a photo with her. At that time, as she stated Europa Pressthe tonadillera has raised her voice: “I can’t stand up lady, I can’t“.

As a result of that nervousness and the number of questions that the press has asked her until she reached the check-in line, Isabel has passed by the place where she had to go and has gone back at full speed to reconnect with her team.

The same thing has happened to Agustín. The artist’s brother stayed behind while she entered and when the press spoke to him again, Agustín did not know how to handle the situation.