Íñigo Onieva celebrates a second dinner, this time at his restaurant, for his 35th birthday

Inigo Onieva He celebrated his 35th birthday this Friday with a barbecue at his house with his sister, close friends and family of Tamara Falco. A very fun dinner with which the businessman celebrated another year surrounded by his loved ones. Of course, it was striking that he did not organize it in his restaurant.

When we thought that Íñigo’s birthday had been left in that barbecue, the businessman surprised us this Saturday with a second plan: a dinner at his restaurant with Tamara Falcó and her sister, Alejandra Onieva.

Keeping silent and not wanting to reveal the gifts he had received, the Marchioness of Griñón’s husband arrived in the same car as her and they entered the restaurant with smiles on their faces reflecting the good time they were having.

Despite the controversies that are going on with the restaurant due to the various complaints from neighbors about the amount of garbage it generates, Íñigo seems to be enjoying this new project to the fullest, to which he is putting the best of himself.