We asked Infanta Elena in Las Ventas about her daughter Victoria Federica and this is what happens

Living one of the best moments of her life, Infanta Elena was seen this Saturday in the Las Ventas bullring to enjoy the bullfight tribute to the bicentennial of the National Police and the truth is that we find its categorical refusal to answer all the doubts in the air.

A few days ago we learned that he met with his family to celebrate the birthday of his niece, Irene Urdangarin, who brought her partner, Juan Urquijo, but with the discretion that has always characterized him, he did not want to make any comment.

Doña Elena kindly greeted the members of the National Police Corps upon their arrival at Las Ventas and shook hands with the different authorities who were at the event, among whom the bullfighter Miguel Abellán stood out, with whom she has a very good relationship.

Although in recent months we have seen the sister of King Felipe VI very friendly with the press, this Saturday she was somewhat reluctant to the questions that were thrown at her and even dared to slap the microphone away.

Always so discreet with her private life and with the questions that affect her children, the daughter of the emeritus turned a deaf ear when hearing the name of Victoria Federica… Of course, there is no doubt that she is experiencing one of the most calm about their life, taking advantage of their free time to be seen with their family and friends.