Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s favorite (and exclusive) destination to go on vacation: private beaches and boutique hotels

Isabel Diaz Ayuso He has a weakness for Madrid. However, in the middle of the summer, the current president of the capital has chosen Ibiza to rest with her boyfriend after the blow of losing the son she was expecting, as reported a few weeks ago.

Its mild temperatures, as well as its crystalline waters and its innumerable coves are the infallible characteristics that captivate everyone who sets foot on Pitiusa Island. And it is that, throughout this summer, we have already seen in Ibiza celebrities of the size of Leonardo Dicaprio, Elsa Pataky, Chris Hemsworth, the father y Sebastian Yatra.

Ayuso has also taken advantage of his stay on the island to settle in Portinatx, one of the quietest and most exclusive areas of Ibiza. However, this summer season is not the first time that the president of the Community of Madrid has stayed on the Isla Blanca. The first time of hers was in May 2021, the paparazzi They photographed her walking hand in hand with her boyfriend, Alberto Gonzalez.

In August of that same year, Isabel Díaz Ayuso also enjoyed the island of celebrities with Nacho Cano. The musician and former member of Mecano personally picked up Ayuso at the airport and they enjoyed the innumerable properties that the interpreter of we always live together on the island.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Sotillos de Adrada

Years ago the president replaced her vacations in Sotillo de la Adrada, the town of Avila from which her paternal family comes, with the island of Ibiza. Ayuso’s father Leonardo Diazwho passed away in 2014, left her and her brother as an inheritance a house in this town of Ávila.

Although Isabel now prefers other destinations to spend her vacations, her town gave her the opportunity to meet again with Jairo Alonsoan old friend from his youth, who was also Ayuso’s illusion for more than four years.