Irina Shayk, oblivious to the fierce criticism for ‘glamourizing’ abuse by parading with a black eye

Transgression and fashion go hand in hand. It has always been like this. This time the transgression went too far. Very far away. Model Irina Shayk walked at London Fashion Week with her face covered in bruises and a bloody eye. A makeup of a beaten woman, a victim of physical abuse. Irina was walking for Mowalola, which was presenting her Spring Summer 2024 collection.

The networks were scandalized by the scenery for showing a glamorous image of abuse and for trivializing the tragedy. Irina, who posted images of her parade on her Instagram profile, thanks the house and uses the word crush, something like a crush. Shayk posed for Mowalola Ogunlesi, a London-based Nigerian fashion designer and singer.

The super top model has appeared at Milan Fashion Week completely oblivious to the fierce criticism of the networks for the London show. Users have not stopped expressing their disagreement with the image of a beaten model walking on a catwalk: “If they wanted makeup that imitated a bruise on the eyes, this clearly shows how screwed the world is.” Or this one: “Since when is physical abuse fashionable?”