Juan Carlos I dedicates a video congratulations to Julio Iglesias on his 80th birthday: “I wish you all the success you deserve”

The emeritus reappeared this Friday via telematics for a compelling reason: the 80th birthday of Julio Iglesias. Don Juan Carlosan admirer and friend of the renowned singer, has participated in a massive congratulation with a video of just 10 seconds in which he sends his best wishes to the interpreter of ‘Hey!’.

The emeritus speaks from a large room, dressed in a jacket without a tie and looking at the camera: “Julio, I wish you many congratulations and that you have a very happy birthday and I hope we see each other soon. I wish you all the success you deserve”. The video, broadcast on And now Sonsoles, is part of a massive congratulations in which more than 400 personalities from all over the world send their congratulations to Julio Iglesias. The architect has been Richy Castellanos: “My dear friend Princess Kalina of Bulgaria got it. I asked her and she got me not one but two,” said the public relations officer.

Castellanos began working on this special greeting last January. It lasts almost four hours and 460 people participate: “Some sing to him, others tell anecdotes from their childhood, like Emilio Gutiérrez Caba… There is also a block for athletes and goalkeepers, because Julio Iglesias was born with gloves on,” he said. Friday. “Pirri, Camacho, Del Boque, Mijatovic, Morientes, Modric appear… Also Reina, Cañizares, Zubizarreta, Buyo, Casillas, Higuita, César Sánchez, Palop, Courtois… Felipe González, Feijóo, Bono…”.