The daughter of Isabel Preysler has become the star of the week after announcing her commitment to Inigo Onieva this Thursday, September 22. Tamara Falco and the young businessman, who have been together for two years, will say ‘yes, I do’ next summer.

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The wedding, which will surely be a big party and will bring together many VIP faces from our country, will be held on June 17, 2023 in El Rincón, the palace of the Marchioness, as Tamara herself has told.

The daughter of Carlos Falco reappeared happy and smiling in the anthill. Onieva was very different, who this Friday has fled from the press and has refused to thank the “congratulations” that her colleagues have transmitted to her. An “elusive” attitude that has surprised them and an absolute silence about her commitment.

Tamara Falcó’s announcement

“Before I met you I felt complete and happy, but it was when we crossed paths and my life took a turn for the better, totally unexpected. What madness! But as a wise woman would say: it is madness of Love… and as Saint Paul also says , in his letter to the Corinthians: in the end, in life the only thing that matters is Love. And I write LOVE in capital letters because it deserves it and that happiness that I describe is the result of that respect, affection and admiration that we have the one for the other and that we have shared in these two years of courtship, “wrote the Marchioness of Griñón on Instagram.

“I leave worldly perfection behind for one that for me has much more value: Love. A union that we hope God blesses with his light and that although it is not exempt from crosses, it is built on the trust and affection that we profess for each other. the other. Thank you, for proposing to be your partner for life. I feel like the luckiest woman on the planet and the yes I gave you I repeat it and I leave it in writing so that you never forget it. I love you, “he added .

This was the proposal

“We have a date: we got married in June, on June 17. We are happy and our families are happy. I hope we eat partridges,” Tamara revealed. The place chosen by the bride and groom could not be more special: “At my father’s house, in El Rincón. It is a very romantic place and it means a lot.”

Íñigo asked her to marry him when he least expected it, while Enrique Iglesias’ sister had “a fasting soup” for dinner. Onieva insisted: “Don’t you want a little wine, are we going to put some candles?” She then told him that she had two gifts in her hands and she chose one: “You guessed it!” he said.

She was stunned: “Suddenly she kneels! The truth is I didn’t expect it. And I said: ‘But now? The day I’m wearing tights, does it have to happen right now?’ I said yes, we hugged , we danced, he almost had a heart attack. He had to sit down, he was getting dizzy.”

Carlos Falcó’s daughter couldn’t believe it: “Oh mother, I’m left a widow with what it has cost me to get here!” she joked. In short, “it was all very nice”: “I think I’m going to be very happy and I’m going to make him very happy”.