Wave of condolences and messages of support for Olga Moreno after learning of the death of her mother due to cancer

Olga Moreno He is facing the hardest moments of his life after the death of his mother, Rosa Obrero, who died this Sunday at the age of 82 after a tough fight against cancer. Rosa had been fighting a battle for years that she has finally not been able to overcome. This blow has left the family immersed in pain and sadness, sunk, but united and willing to face reality. The death of the former mother-in-law Antonio David Flores It occurs just a few weeks after Olga Moreno’s return to television was announced as a contestant on the new reality show Survivors All Stars.

It will be difficult for Olga Moreno to recover from this hardship and without a doubt the death of her mother will condition her participation in the contest. This same Sunday she said goodbye to her mother after many years of love, company and affection in an impeccable relationship as mother and daughter. Olga Moreno was crowned champion of Survivors 2021. Already then we learned of her close and loving relationship with her mother. Through her social networks, particularly her Instagram account, Olga Moreno frequently shared photographs and messages dedicated to Rosa, highlighting the immense love and admiration she felt for her and how much she missed her during her stay on the program.

Olga Moreno says goodbye to her mother

In one of her last publications, in January, Olga shared an emotional image in which mother and daughter smiled together. Accompanying the image, Olga wrote a message full of love: “To the world you are a mother, but to your family you are the whole world.” The Moreno family, known for its unity and solidarity, is made up of seven brothers, who have always remained close and united. This spirit of togetherness has become even more evident in these difficult times, as family and friends have gathered to offer their unconditional support to Olga and the rest of the family. The strength and love that characterize the Morenos have become the pillar that supports the clan in these days of pain and loss.

“Wonderful days with the family… I can’t ask for more, forever grateful. Happy birthday mother, I love you infinitely,” Olga wrote, making it clear how much her mother meant to her. “I love her very much. I miss her a lot. I want to find her as good as I left her and for it to last for many years that we need it,” she confessed in one of her interventions, reflecting her longing and constant concern for well-being. of Rosa.

The news of Rosa Obrero’s death has generated a wave of condolences and messages of support for Olga Moreno and her family, both from her followers and from friends and colleagues in the entertainment world. They all highlight Rosa’s strength and bravery, as well as the unconditional love that she always showed towards her children.

Rosa Obrero’s legacy is not limited to her fight against cancer, but also includes the countless moments of love and dedication she shared with her family. Her death leaves an immense void in the lives of Olga and her siblings, but it also leaves a legacy of indelible memories.

In these moments of pain, the Moreno family finds comfort in the happy memories and love that Rosa left them. Each photograph, each message and each moment shared become a testimony of the unbreakable bond they had with her. Rosa Obrero’s life, full of love and sacrifice, will be remembered and honored by her children.

The family has requested privacy as they grieve.

The family has requested privacy while they go through this grief, thanking everyone for the support and expressions of affection received. Rosa Obrero’s farewell will be an intimate and personal moment, where her loved ones will be able to pay tribute to her.

Olga wanted to bring this news in the strictest privacy and, for the moment, has not wanted to share with her followers the sad news of the loss of her mother who had been fighting a long illness for many years. “Today something very sad happened to me. They told me something about my mother and I am a little emotional. She is fine but she could be better. She is a strong and feisty woman, she has a problem that is the order of the day but she is to overcome” Olga herself acknowledged during a television interview with Toñi Moreno. “She overcame it, but she marked me. They cut off her breast but she gave us strength. She is a very happy woman and full of life,” Olga said then, broken with pain. “At this stage she is helping me a lot but I don’t want to worry her about my things either,” she acknowledged.

Just a few months ago, in March, Olga used her Instagram account to congratulate her mother on her birthday with some words and photographs full of love and admiration for the woman who gave her life and has accompanied her. in the good and in the hand during all this time. “To the woman who taught me the value of life, may every day be a reflection of the love and happiness that you have given us. Thank you for every smile, every lesson and every moment. Today we celebrate the wonderful gift that is your life. Happy Birthday!” she wrote.

Trying to carry these delicate moments in the strictest privacy, Olga and her siblings have said goodbye to their mother, Rosa Obrero, with the support and affection of the rest of the family who have not left them alone at any time in this sad farewell.