Infanta Elena, with a worried expression, visits her mother at the Ruber clinic

Second visit for Queen Sofia, admitted this Tuesday to the Ruber clinic for a urinary tract infection. After receiving her son early in the afternoon, the King Felipe VIthe emerita has been able to see her daughter, Mrs. Elenawho arrived at the medical center after nine at night.

The infanta arrived with a serious and worried face, without wanting to make statements about the state of the emerita, with whom she has spent the last few days: on Saturday at the wedding of Martínez Almeida and Teresa Urquijo and on Monday at the Military Cathedral of Madrid , during the funeral of Fernando Gómez Acebo, which brought together a good part of the Borbón family. Less than an hour after her entry, Mrs. Elena left the clinic with the surgical mask (which is now optional) and went to rest.

His brother, King Felipe VI, was more talkative a few hours before. The monarch came alone to visit his mother and driving his own car. Very smiling, he assured the press interested in the condition of the emeritus that she was “very cheerful” and “looking forward to being discharged and returning home.”

This is Doña Sofía’s first income in 56 years. Don Juan Carlos’s wife, 85, had not set foot in a hospital since she gave birth to her last child. The Royal Family reported this Wednesday morning that the emerita had been admitted “for a urinary tract infection” and that her evolution “is being very rapid and favorable.”