Planazo the one who lived the second daughter of Juan Carlos I last Sunday in Barcelona. lady christina flew from Geneva to Barcelona to attend the concert of Coldplaywhich brought together many other acquaintances, such as Leo Messi and Antonella Rocuzzo, Gerard Piqué with Clara Chía or the very Victoria Federica. Of course, aunt and niece went separately: Froilán’s sister with her friends (a very special one), the infanta with her children Paul and Irene.

No trace of the other two brothers, Juan and Miguel, although according to witnesses, their absence did not prevent the princess and her children from having a terrific time at the concert by the British band, who have offered four tremendous performances in Spain at the as part of his tour ‘Music of the Spheres Tour 2023’. All of them in Barcelona, ​​something that generated discomfort and controversy among their fans: “That’s good, right? And there are no other cities in Spain? Really? Or Valencia, Malaga, Madrid or Seville?”, they said.

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And while the princess and her children enjoyed the plan, well hidden from the photographers, Victoria Federica did the same in a different booth at the Estadi Olimpic, where she went with a group of friends including the motorcycle rider Albert Arenaswith whom it is rumored that he could have something more than a friendship.