India Martínez indignantly clarifies the reason for her emotional collapse: “I hope you don’t go through the same thing”

India Martinez (38) worried his legion of followers this Monday with a very worrying message on Instagram: “I think I can’t take it anymore. I need a break. I enjoy everything I do and I live it like no one else but there are days that are more difficult than others. and when you are saturated everything affects you and weighs you down more,” the singer wrote at the beginning of her post.

And he offered a reflection: “We are going so fast to nowhere that you don’t have time to savor anything. Look, I don’t even have a cool photo in my first time in Paris, I haven’t even had time to visit the most beautiful places in the city.” “, nor rest well, nor even eat, nor assimilate where I am… And on top of that with cough and snot everywhere.” Along with these words, she shared an image showing his low mood.

Martínez concluded with a message of gratitude to his fans, who are almost two million on Instagram: “But you are there to save me without knowing it, you welcomed me like at home, with so much dedication and emotion that you turned my day into a good one. So already looking forward to returning but with more time. Merci Paris. We will see you on the 24th in Dublin.” After these concerts, the artist from Córdoba returns with her performances in Spain with a concert in Torremolinos on December 7 and on January 19 at the Wizink Center in Madrid, part of her Nuestro Mundo Tour.

The wall of comments from the interpreter 90 minutes It was filled with messages of support. Among them, that of Tamara Hatwho has also been in the news for showing her weakness and vulnerability on social networks: “I love you, friend. You should think about yourself.” Itziar Castro He also left her encouragement: “Beautiful, I understand you so much. All my love and strength for you.”

Although the positive comments have been unanimous, one user also snapped: “Stop telling your sorrows here because people who sleep among cardboard would like your problems. Don’t fuck with me. What a problem not being able to visit Paris. Dedicate yourself to singing that “You do it like no one else.” The singer did not ignore this comment and responded forcefully: “My problem is not precisely visiting Paris, one of my sorrows is that just a month ago my American Bully died, I hope you don’t go through the same thing.”

The artist announced the loss of her pet four weeks ago with a heartbreaking post on her social networks, in which she also spoke on behalf of her boyfriend, the director and actor who specializes in stunts. Ismael Vazquez: “My Buddha, what pain. You came into our lives by surprise when we needed you most and filled us with love. Now you are leaving me much sooner than I imagined, without being able to say goodbye to you.”

And he added: “It is difficult for me to assimilate that you are no longer here. We are going to miss you so much in my life… But you have given us so much that all that remains is to thank you for all the beautiful things you have taught us. For so many laughs with your gestures and your manias, or those excessive kisses”.