First images of Isabel Preysler’s reality show: it arrives on Disney+ as a prelude to Christmas

Disney+ has shown the first images of the new reality show that will star Isabel Preysler and that will have Christmas as its common theme. Isabel Preysler: My Christmas It will arrive on the streaming platform on December 5. In the two episodes of this special, Isabel shows up close how she experiences one of the most important times of the year for her and her family.

In Isabel Preysler: My Christmas, opens the doors of her house to show in detail all the preparations and her daughters, Tamara Falcó and Ana Boyer, will be seen getting to work to help their mother with the celebrations. Disney+ has produced Isabel Preysler: My Christmas together with Fremantle, responsible for Mask Singer: guess who is singing, the program that got her to appear on television under one of her famous masks – it was a kitten – two years ago, in one of her rare appearances on a set. A year before she was seen in Masterchef Celebriywhen he came to cheer on Tamara in the final of that contest.

Although Isabel Preysler will now debut with a reality show on a streaming platform, it will not be her first time directing a television program. You have to remember that her debut before the cameras, as a presenter, was in the program Hoy en casa, which Telecinco offered in 1998. Broadcast on Saturday afternoons, it was a space in which Preysler taught classes of protocol, good manners or decoration tricks, among other things. It was a ratings failure and the network removed it from the grid after six broadcasts.

The criticism of the time was brutal, although she was the first to admit that television was not her thing. “I admit that I haven’t looked good on the show; it’s something that always happens to me, but this time the feeling has been stronger. I’ve taken lessons to behave fluently in front of the cameras, but it doesn’t seem to have helped me much,” he said in an interview published by ABC. “I’m not at all natural in front of the cameras and I can’t help it, but there are many people who, no matter what I did, would have criticized me anyway.”

How did ‘Mask Singer’ manage to hire Isabel Preysler?

Isabel Preysler’s appearance in Mask Singer It was a surprise for viewers and an achievement for those responsible for the program produced by Fremantle. “The idea of ​​having her was a job together with the network. She was in all the pools,” said Mario Briongos, director of Entertainment content for said production company. “We went for her from the beginning,” said the manager, acknowledging that “the first season helped her to accept and that her daughters, Tamara and Chabeli, encouraged her to come because they knew the format very well.”

Briongos, as expected, refused to explain how much Preysler had charged for this appearance. “I always answer the same thing: this moment is priceless because it is so wonderful that the money stays in the background and for a television format to have this great moment is pure gold.”