Megan Gustafson: “It’s very exciting to be with Spain, it’s what I wanted”


The American player Megan Gustafson, naturalized Spanish a few months ago, acknowledged this Tuesday that she was “very excited” about the “great opportunity” to play for Spain, which is “what she wanted,” after a process for her ‘signing’ that began last winter, to be part of a team that “loves” his style of play.

“It’s very exciting to be here and meet the girls, meet the team, the coaches. I’m very excited to see what Spanish basketball is,” said the player after training in the Golden Triangle with the Spanish team.

Gustafson described Spain’s style of play as “truly incredible.” “I really love it,” he noted. “I love how they pass the bases. It’s incredible to see how they can feed the centers. But, really, all the players have been very kind,” praised the 26-year-old player.

“I had talked a lot with my agent over the last few years and she thought I would be able to help a team, so it was a great opportunity. My agent told me very good things, and that made me decide to go. I have heard very good things. good things about this team, and it’s the Games next year,” he commented on his decision.

And Gustafson’s ‘signing’ for Spain began to take shape “in winter”, so “it has lasted a few months”. “I was hoping to arrive a little earlier to have helped at the Eurobasket. But they did an incredible job, I saw it from afar. I had to go to Los Angeles a couple of times to go to the embassy, ​​there was a lot of bureaucracy. And, fortunately, I received a lot of help from the FEB, who communicated with my agent,” he celebrated.

“The first contact was through my agent, but then I was able to talk to everyone. Obviously, now, with everyone knowing, there is a much closer relationship, so I am very excited to continue with the process” , settled upon his arrival.

And the new face of the team has already stressed that his dream is “absolutely” to be in the Games with Spain. “I had the opportunity to obtain nationality, it is what I wanted to do. I want to be part of something bigger than what I have been until now. It has been difficult for me to find a ‘home’, I am ‘moving’ every year to a different team,” the player said about the last years of her career.

Finally, Gustafson said he “should be able to start playing at the end of this month” due to an injury. “So the return is close. I am very excited to play again and be ready for February,” she marked on the horizon, with the important Pre-Olympic event.