Increases the safety margin of gunsmiths

Despite the fact that the day was not round for Eibar due to the last goal of Villalibre, the gunsmith set leaves the second stake of the league restart with a little more oxygen. The safety distance from the descent has increased by one point. The box Balance sum 28, Meanwhile he Majorca stays in 25, the Spanish advances to 24 and the Leganes close the table with the 2. 3 he had before confinement. Celta follows fourth in line, with 27.

None of the four teams in the caboose was able to win in this second round. Iago
Blades had a penalty to give victory to Celtic in Valladolid, but Masip guessed his intention and saved the 0-0. The Majorca deserved more in The
Ceramics, but ended up falling 1-0.

The Spanish It was, perhaps, the team that came out the most reinforced of the day. To his victory on Sunday against Alavés he added a more than meritorious draw in Getafe (0-0). Those of Abelardo they were left with ten players in the 16th minute for expulsion of Bernard and despite this, they kept the goal to zero and were close to taking the three points.

The lower area continues red hot. Eibar will try to hit the table tomorrow in Getafe.