Djokovic and his gap: “We have never crossed the line”

Novak Djokovic he insists: “We have never crossed the line.” These words refer to the 'gap' that the Serb showed after the conclusion of his famous Adria Tour, who is giving more than speaking for the extra-sporty that for what happened on the track. Nole, along with other great stars who gathered at the event as Dominic Thiem and Alexander Zverev, celebrated the first stop of the tour in style, respecting very little (or nothing) the social distancing and the recommended security measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19: shirtless dances, hugs, absence of masks …

In his defense, Djokovic has always argued that nothing was ever done that the Serbian health authorities did not allow. “I know there has been some criticism especially from the West: 'Why was there a crowd? Why was there no social distance? What was happening and why are they celebrating this type of event in the midst of such a harsh pandemic in the West ? ' But you know, it's hard to explain to people that the situation is really, really different in America or UK compared to Serbia and the surrounding countries, and obviously from the first day of organizing the Adria Tour we have been following the rules and measures that have been agreed by government institutions and public health institutions, “recalled the Belgrade defender in his defense. the Eurosport podcast Tennis Legends.

Thus, far from a possible regret, Djokovic showed his conviction that the first for the Adria Tour was a real success: “We have to mobilize as many people as possible, try to understand the regulations and measures that allow us to host an event. At first we did not think that we could have an audience, and of course many people have lost their lives to the virus and it is very difficult to understand how to deal with it and how to behave. As athletes and tennis players we obviously want to move forward and find ways, in areas of the world that have struggled with the coronavirus better than others to try to organize tournaments, with the public, without the public, with financial prizes, trying to involve the sponsors. So that's where the Adria Tour was born, and together with the Serbian Tennis Federation and some people we put this together and it completely exceeded my expectations. It was phenomenal”.

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Djokovic takes a freekick against the Zadar players.

Basketball in Zadar

And everything is ready for the second event of the Adria Tour, which will take place this weekend in the Croatian town of Zadar. There are already the big stars that make up the tour, with Nole at the head, and have been seen in a basketball game against KK Zadar players in which Djokovic was especially active: assists, external scoring, good ball handling, dribbling … We will see if his basketball skills are transferred to the racket, since in Belgrade it was Thiem who took the title.