The main fashion shows have already let us see the first footwear trends that will be worn in all parts of the world during the next Spring-Summer 2023 season. We will be able to search our closet because designs and colors that have already triumphed this past year are back but with small changes that will give that touch of novelty to our looks.

Comfort has been stomping on all the catwalks in 2023 because platform shoes take over the spring market, gaining ground on the dreaded high heels. Write down the footwear trends that we have seen on the catwalks and that we bring by the hand of the footwear brands Gaimo, Mustang and Vidorreta to show off this coming season.

Strappy sandals with or without heels

Strappy sandals are one of the most classic, delicate and elegant summer shoes that provide instant comfort and safety. Strappy sandals will continue to be worn with or without heels so that each one can choose their perfect model with which they want to show off their legs.

These strappy sandals can be combined with evening dresses and day looks, especially, they are ideal with long and short dresses.

We will have these sandals in all colors to be able to combine them as we want. Although black and white predominate, thanks to the ability they give us to create infinite combinations.

Gaimo / 89 euros

cowboy boots

Cowboy boots will continue to be worn next spring-summer to wear with short dresses or pants, each one being true to its style. We will have them with different designs, sizes and colors and even in silver and gold, as we have already seen this winter.



Moccasins are classic and timeless shoes that have become the stars of the catwalks, because they can be combined with different styles, both classic and more daring. In recent years we have even seen those combined with white socks to give it that modern touch.

Mustang (55.99 euros) and Gaimo (95.20 euros)

platform sandals

Platforms are the most comfortable invention we women have tried and we hope they continue to be worn season after season. Platform sandals are ideal for those who want to gain a few centimeters.

The most recognized catwalks in the industry have opted for flat sandals with platforms. A great advantage to gain comfort and style.

Gaimo / 95 euros

heeled mules

The mule has been the protagonist for several seasons and this year reaffirms its place by appearing again but with a small variation, more height. This season the mule with a wide heel and even with a platform will be a hit.

This type of footwear is characterized by being sandals that do not have any type of ankle support. They are a perfect model that styles any woman. They will be worn in different colors and shapes and combined with dresses, skirts or pants.

Gaimo / 89 euros

flat shoes

This season, flat shoes save us from high heels even if we are wearing dresses. They will come with different versions and prints to be able to create combinations with good flat shoes that cannot be missing from the closet.

It is such a timeless shoe that you will always ensure that it is a good investment. In addition, they favor and ensure infinite combinations.

Gaimo / 85 and 75 euros

platform boots

Platform boots ensure their presence in the upcoming season. They will be combined with mini garments. Platform boots have already been a leading model for the past year and are ensuring their place as a classic among the shoes that will be a trend in spring-summer 2023.

Mustang / Vidorreta (139.90 euros)

chunky sneakers

Chunky sneakers will continue to be worn to have a good place in the wardrobe of practical and stylish women. This new season they will innovate with colors and textures, adding platforms so that they are not the classic sneakers.

Gaimo (119 and 105 euros)