“I’m on heat and painkillers”

Zayra Gutierrez (24) shared this Tuesday a photograph from the hospital to report on her latest health setback. The daughter of Guti and Arantxa de Benito suffers from severe back pain, which sometimes prevents her from leading a normal life. Four months ago she left Survivors due to sciatica and this week he has relived this discomfort.

“I spent the whole afternoon in the emergency room today because my back has come back again.“They gave me a shot and now I’m feeling hot and taking painkillers,” the young woman explained on her Instagram profile, where she posted a story from the waiting room of the health center.

“I’m telling this for the people who say it’s a story and that nothing happened to me.“Sciatica hits you when it hits you, and today it hit me again. Good night,” she added, upset by the criticism she received for leaving Honduras earlier than expected.

“I’m back now, unfortunately. It’s the last thing I wanted to do. I wanted to fight, to win, to be there until the end.. As you can see, I’m still resting. I’ll have to wait a while. At the moment I’m in the heat, with treatments…”, she said at the time, sad for not being able to show her skills in the contest. Fortunately, the former contestant of the reality She was discharged a few hours later and is now resting at home.

After the young woman’s controversial parties during the covid pandemic and after several attempts to Survivors by signing her, Zayra’s adventure on the island of Honduras began last March and His name was one of the most powerful in the new edition.