‘Gladiator’ actor Paul Mescal in the spotlight for alleged public drug use at Glastonbury

At 28 years old, Paul Mescal is one of the celebrities of the moment. Her role in the series Normal People opened many doors for him in 2020 and since then, his presence in films such as All of Us Strangers o Gladiator -still pending release- have put him on the lips of film lovers around the world. It is therefore not surprising that his presence at the Glastonbury festival, where a few days ago he enjoyed himself with Andrew Scott, Daisy Edgar Jones and Saoirse Ronan, other fashionable actors, did not go unnoticed. However, beyond the pleasant images of the actor circulating on social networks among the attendees, The Sun has now shared a video that the Irishman probably won’t like.

In the pictures, The young man appears taking a substance out of a small bag and bringing it close to his nose up to two times.He does it carefully, with a key. The contents of the package are not visible, although social media users say that he was supposedly consuming drugs.

“Paul Mescal appears to have used the key to remove the substance from the bag,” they say in X from The Sun TV. “He does it once, puts it back in and sniffs it again. He didn’t care if anyone saw him, he was dancing and laughing with his friends,” they added.

A detail to which dozens of Internet users have reacted. Some of them, however, have questioned whether the artist was consuming any kind of substance, considering that he was in the audience. Given his popularity, all eyes were on him. For the moment, The actor or his entourage have not made any statements.